February 6, 2011


Islamist rebel leader threatens further attacks in Russian heartland: Doku Umarov vows year of 'blood and tears' in message released a fortnight after suicide attack on Domodedovo airport (Miriam Elder in Moscow, 2/06/11, guardian.co.uk)

The leader of Russia's Islamist rebel movement has vowed to make 2011 "a year of blood and tears" in a message released two weeks after the deadly suicide bombing at Domodedovo airport in Moscow.

In a video on the Kavkaz Centre rebel website, Doku Umarov says he plans to step up attacks on the Russian heartland. He does not explicitly claim responsibility for the airport attack, which killed 36 people, but says the message was recorded on the eve of a "special operation".

Wearing camouflage, Umarov sits in a dark room flanked by two men, one of whom he identifies as the suicide bomber. Umarov says his movement was forced into the attack by Russia's "lawlessness" and demands the Kremlin quit the Caucasus.

They don't think they're part of Russia, so they aren't.

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Posted by Orrin Judd at February 6, 2011 4:35 PM
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