October 19, 2010


Half-Dozen N.Y. Races May Help G.O.P. Win House (RAYMOND HERNANDEZ, 10/19/10, NY Times)

In the Utica area, conservative groups and the National Republican Congressional Committee have unleashed a flurry of ads attacking Representative Michael A. Arcuri, a two-term Democrat trying to fend off Richard Hanna, a mall developer.

“It’s thermonuclear,” Mr. Arcuri said, referring to the ferocity of the campaign being waged against him. He added, “It’s going to be a close election.”

On Long Island, Representative Timothy H. Bishop, a four-term Democrat who has cruised to re-election in the past, faces an aggressive challenge from Randy Altschuler, a wealthy businessman who has poured his own money into his campaign.

In suburbs north of New York City, Representative John J. Hall, a two-term Democratic incumbent, has called on former President Bill Clinton for help in his fight against the Republican nominee, Dr. Nan Hayworth, an ophthalmologist and first-time candidate.

The Democrats’ problems here underscore the degree to which Republicans have expanded the map of competitive races around the country. In addition, Republicans see opportunity in New York because many of the seats now in play were won by Democrats during the past two election cycles. [...]

The degree to which Democrats have been forced on the defensive can be seen in the 19th Congressional District, which Mr. Hall won in an upset in 2006 as Democrats took control of the House.

At a debate last week, the audience groaned loudly when Mr. Hall gave President Obama a grade of “B” for his job performance.

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