August 18, 2010


Ground Zero Mosque On The Move?: Opponents To Meet With Developers On Troubling Issue (CBS New York, August 17, 2010)

New York Gov. David Paterson plans to meet with developers of the controversial ground zero mosque as early as this week to offer them state land – at another location – for their cultural and religious center. Paterson told Congressman Peter King about the meeting, and King said the governor asked him to make it public.

“The purpose of the meeting would be for the governor to discuss with the leaders of the mosque where state property is available,” said Rep. King. “Whether or not people from the mosque would be willing to consider that property.”

King added that the governor “seemed very enthused” about the anticipated discussions. [...]

Paterson’s office confirmed that discussions between his staff and the developer’s staff have been ongoing and said the governor expects to have a meeting scheduled in the near future.

Congressman King said the openness of the developers to a compromise will be the real test of their intentions.

“If the leaders of the mosque take up the governor on his proposal, it would show that their real intention is to bring people together,” he said. “And not just make a political statement by having a mosque at Ground Zero.”

There’s also the issue of separation of church and state, and whether the governor should provide state land for a mosque.

King said in this case it would be okay, especially if the compromise meets the need of both sides.

Just another reason to love the law of unintended consequences: basically the opponents of the mosque will have turned a non-political local project that was going ahead quietly into a sort of national zoning process that approves building and funding a 9-11 Memorial Mosque. Thus does America bring good even out of evil.

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 18, 2010 12:03 AM
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