April 2, 2010


Let us keep the Ten New Commandments of Jesus: Paul Johnson offers a concise and memorable summary of Christ's message in time for Easter (Paul Johnson, 2 April 2010, Catholic Herald)

The Resurrection was the climax of Jesus's life on earth and Easter is the time when we should think deeply on what he sought to teach us during his earthly existence. I have recently written a short life of Jesus, particularly for the use of young people. In it I tried to summarise his message and listed what I call Jesus's New Ten Commandments.

The first is: each of us must develop a true personality. We may have all kinds of collective existence as members of a family, a tribe, a nation, a race, a religious group or profession. But our personality, as we shape it, stands absolutely alone in the face of God.

We are self-determined: we ourselves are responsible for our personality. And we will be held accountable for it at death. The Last Judgment and its implications for eternity is the price we pay for self-determination.

The Second Commandment is: accept and abide by universality. Each soul is unique but each is part of humanity. We are all neighbours in the eyes of God and each must become neighbour in our own eyes. Neighbourliness is a wonderful commandment for it embraces all the felicitous arrangements which mankind's ingenuity has contrived to bring people together in universal harmony.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 2, 2010 6:13 AM
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