January 13, 2010


Tea Party, Meet the Religious Right: The upcoming tea-party convention has attracted a large number of high-profile conservative Christians. Could an alliance be next? (Michelle Goldberg | January 13, 2010, American Prospect)

Next month's Tea Party National Convention has been making news for the fat fee Sarah Palin is commanding -- $100,000, according to many reports. But the gathering, to be held at Nashville's Opryland Hotel, is interesting for another reason as well: It marks the attempt of the old-school Christian right to take over the tea-party movement. Speakers joining Palin include Rick Scarborough, Roy Moore, and Joseph Farah, men who are radical even by religious-right standards. Their presence shows that the tea-party movement is no longer merely populist, libertarian, or anti-government, if it ever was. It is theocratic. Indeed, after several months in which the religious right seemed lost and dispirited, it has found a way to ride the tea-party express into renewed relevance.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 13, 2010 10:59 AM
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