October 5, 2009


Midterm elections raise ante for Obama (Susan Milligan, October 5, 2009, Boston Globe)

Failure, especially on his promise to expand health care coverage, could spell significant Democratic losses in Congress in November 2010, say members of both parties and analysts.

“The tough part of this presidency is that everything is on the front burner,’’ said Peter Fenn, a Democrat consultant. To achieve victory and minimize damage to Democratic majorities, Obama and his team will have to have their policy and political strategies clicking perfectly, he said.

Recent history underscores the stakes for the White House.

The Clinton Administration fought hard for a health care package, failed miserably, and then his party was hammered in the 1994 elections, losing control of both chambers of Congress. The Democratic hemorrhaging on the Hill meant theat Clinton had to struggle to win approval of nearly every major piece of legislation he offered for the rest of his presidency."

Not coincidentally, his rather good reputation on policy rests on Republican offerings--GATT, NAFTA, etc.--not Democrat. This is what could save the UR too.

Posted by Orrin Judd at October 5, 2009 6:20 AM
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