May 3, 2009


Swine Flu Outbreak Could Have Started In USA: Tests showed that two children, who did not travel to Mexico, were infected with the swine flu in March. (Javno, 5/03/09)

The swine flu virus, which is not as dangerous as it was initially believed, did not originate from Mexico, but the United States of America, The Wall Street Journal writes.

- As we do our investigations here in the US, we may find that there were cases earlier – Scott Bryan, spokesperson of the Centers for Disease control (CSC) said.

There have been several cases of infection in California before the virus spread in Mexico, where 16 persons died.

The first case discovered in California was a 10-year-old boy in San Diego, who fell ill on March 30. The second case was that of a 9-year-old girl who had a high temperature on March 28, while tests confirmed on April 17 that she was infected with the new flu virus.

You know it's from America and not Mexico because it's so lazy and ineffective.

Dire warnings were premature, experts suggest (TODD ACKERMAN, 5/02/09, Houston Chronicle)

By the week’s end, an increasing number of experts were questioning whether it was overreaction.

“I don’t see anything to justify this panic,” said Robert Krug, a flu researcher at the University of Texas in Austin. “From all the evidence, this doesn’t look like a particularly lethal virus. People need a little more perspective.”

The perspective involves the seasonal patterns during which flu thrives and dies off, evidence that this virus lacks the kind of killer molecular features seen in some pandemics, cultural factors that could explain Mexico’s fatalities and the stark contrast between the annual U.S. toll from seasonal influenza and this outbreak’s mild severity.

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