April 8, 2009


JazzSet On The Road: Blue Note 7 Recorded Live: Hear A Concert Spotlight From The Kennedy Center (Becca Pulliam, 4/06/09, JazzSet)

How many record labels have a 70-year run? How many groups tour for 90 days straight? Celebrating the anniversary of the Blue Note label by reworking selections from its catalog, The Blue Note 7 launched its CD, Mosaic, with a 50-city tour in January. A lot of the travel has been by bus, and some of the cities are not large — Meridian, Norman, Sheboygan. But it's adding up to quite a story. All together, some 50,000 people have come out to see the band. And on Sunday night, the star-studded band played to a packed house at the Kennedy Center. You can hear the climax from the concert by clicking the audio link above.

They are Nicholas Payton, Steve Wilson and Ravi Coltrane on trumpet, alto/flute and tenor, respectively; Bill Charlap and Peter Bernstein on piano and guitar; and Peter Washington and Lewis Nash on bass and drums.

Blue Note Records Celebrates 70 Years Of Jazz: Hear Pianist Bill Charlap's Five Blue Note Picks Below (Take Five, NPR)

Just saw these guys at Dartmouth last week and they were phenomenal--Nash and Washington in particular. They all took such obvious pleasure in each other's playing that it left you smiling.

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Posted by Orrin Judd at April 8, 2009 7:17 AM
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