March 4, 2009


The jihadist monster has turned on itself (Pakistan must fight the enemy within following the latest terror attack (Ramesh Thakur, March 05, 2009, The Australian)

Pakistan successfully appealed to Sri Lanka to replace India. The Sri Lankan team was rewarded on Tuesday by being attacked in a surreal replay of Mumbai by a group of about a dozen well-trained, disciplined, heavily armed young men executing an audacious, carefully planned mission with commando-style precision and toughness. Six policemen and two civilians are dead, including the bus driver whose heroics prevented the entire Sri Lankan team from being massacred.

The implications are many and far-reaching. Some can yet be positive.

This may be the first time since the Munich Olympics in 1972 that sportspeople have been targeted directly by terrorists. Pakistanis believed that because of the game's passionate popularity, terrorists would not risk a public backlash by attacking cricketers. In fact they have attacked the team that came to show solidarity when arch-enemy India withdrew. This is the end of innocence for the most genteel of games.

Second, it should disabuse innocent foreigners of the notion that the terrorists infesting Pakistan have Kashmir as their agenda. Mumbai last year already proved that the terrorist leaders mean what they say when they lump together Hindus, Christians and Jews as common enemies of Islam. Indeed, a Los Angeles Times story suggested that a primary aim of the Mumbai attacks was to disrupt the growing relationship between India and Israel.

Third, it should help to convince the Pakistani establishment that the jihadist monster it has spawned is now its own biggest security threat.

An irritant for India is proving to be fatal for Pakistan, destroying it from within.

Posted by Orrin Judd at March 4, 2009 9:09 AM
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