February 15, 2009


Green eugenics: Population control has gone from culling the ‘unfit’ to finding the whole human race a nuisance. (Bill Muehlenberg, 10 February 2009, MercatorNet)

Who wants to be a eugenicist? Not President Barack Obama, I’m sure, and yet his reversing of the Mexico City Policy, which banned US foreign monies from going into organisations which perform or refer women for abortions, makes him an accomplice of a movement whose great aim, in the words of patron saint Margaret Sanger, is to stop the “unfit” breeding.

Now, billions of dollars of US foreign aid funds may go to groups for whom contraception, sterilization and abortion are all morally indifferent means to controlling the numbers of poor -- mostly brown -- people in the world. [...]

This sort of thing goes back a long way. An Egyptian Pharaoh of 3,500 years ago and a Jewish King of 2000 years ago both sought to put to death a generation of innocents. Pharaoh ordered the death of all male babies, while King Herod ordered the death of all male children under two years of age. Both were early examples of eugenicists and population controllers. We look back in horror at their genocidal plans, but we are not all that different today. There are still plenty of folk pushing radical population control and eugenics policies.

And the motivations may not be all that different either. Pharaoh wanted to cull the growing Israelite population in Egypt: they were a threat to his rule and reign. Herod did not want to see another contender to the throne arise (the promised Messiah), so he took radical steps to ensure this would not occur.

Today the motivations may not be dissimilar. Sure, any such human cull proposals are always dressed up in fancy rhetoric and humanitarian-sounding aims. We must do something to save the planet, we are told. But that often translates into something rather like this: My Western lifestyle is cramped because there are too many of you (fill in the blank) around. My turf is being invaded by the swarming hordes, and I want them culled, so I can live a more comfortable life.

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Posted by Orrin Judd at February 15, 2009 6:53 AM
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