February 16, 2009


Varitek: No switch from switching (Tony Massarotti, February 16, 2009, Boston Globe)

"Oh my goodness. Hell, no," Varitek said this morning at the Red Sox' spring training complex. "Have you ever all of a sudden tried to hit right-on-right when you haven’t done it in 15 years? . . . I’ve heard that offered a few different times whether [it was suggested] in the media or whatever, but it’s ludicrous."

So there you have it.

He’s still switch-hitting.

A natural righthanded hitter, Varitek batted .284 from the right side last season as opposed to .201 from the left side. The discrepancy was easily the greatest of his 12-year career. The difference in OPS was even more astounding -- .863 from the right side, .616 from the left -- which led to the obvious suggestion that maybe it was time for him to hit solely from the right side.

Obvious, it seems, to everyone but him.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 16, 2009 6:06 PM
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