February 13, 2009


Why Gregg Withdrew (William Kristol, February 13, 2009, Washington Post)

The story circulating among Hill Republicans is that Gregg wasn’t notified about the Census matter before the announcement, and that he demanded of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel a few days ago that the decision be reversed. I'm told that Emanuel said he would get back to him, but Gregg heard nothing. So he requested a meeting with the president and said he couldn’t be part of the Obama administration.

One effect of this story will be to exacerbate the sense among Republicans that, after all the happy talk during the transition, the Obama administration has taken on a surprisingly political and partisan cast. Republicans on the Hill with whom I’ve spoken are in a sense relieved; they were worried that clever “post-partisan” or bipartisan tactics by Obama could split and weaken an already uncertain and demoralized GOP. But if it is true that Rahm Emanuel chooses to behave like Karl Rove on steroids, then Republican unity and fighting spirit will be pretty easy to maintain.

Note that W didn't make Turdblossom his Chief of Staff.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 13, 2009 11:09 AM
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