February 7, 2009


Taylor whirlwind is blast from the past: Jerome Taylor's breathtaking bowling display revived memories of old West Indies glory (Mike Selvey, 2/08/09, Guardian Sports Blog)

This was a throwback. This was the glory days revisited, those halcyon times for West Indies cricket when Michael and Malcolm, Andy and the Big Bird, Patto, Crofty, Courtney, Amby and Bish were in their ferocious, irresistible pomp.

They were the days that those who once loved cricket in the Caribbean, who recognised it as the global representation of what could be achieved when a disparate region of islands, cultures, religions and ethnicities could be galvanised under one flag, thought had been lost for ever. But in one blazing bowling spell, inspirational beyond imagination, Jerome Taylor, son of Jamaica on his home turf, bowled himself into the West Indies hall of fame. A day earlier and he might even have been able to profit from it: early on Friday morning he learned that he had been bought for $150,000 by the Punjab Kings of the Indian Premier League. They should go on Bargain Hunt and clean up.

With each England wicket that tumbled, the noise level rose, under the discreet shaded awnings of the Kingston Cricket Club, and diametrically opposite in the raucous confines of the Red Stripe enclosure where beer gets supped and the throb of the disco speakers hammers out its celebrations. "One day we gonna rise again like a ragin' fire," exhorts David Rudder in the magnificent anthem Rally Round The West Indies. There is a way to go before the blaze takes hold, but perhaps at Sabina Park Taylor kindled the flames.

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Posted by Orrin Judd at February 7, 2009 8:52 PM
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