February 4, 2009

OBAMESSIAHLETTE (via Steve Jacobson):

Michelle Obama crafts policy agenda (Nia-Malika Henderson, Feb 3, 2009, Yahoo)

As she prepares to step out beyond her role as the self-described “mom in chief,” Michelle Obama has been busy behind the scenes crafting a policy-driven agenda that will bring working-family issues into the White House — and she’s surrounded herself with a team of veteran political insiders and seasoned policy advocates to do it.

Aides are quick to say the first lady isn’t planning on having an independent policy power center in the East Wing. [...]

But as Obama made her first official trip outside the White House on Monday — to the Department of Education — the shape and direction of her office, with advisers who have worked for Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Edwards, clearly bear a lot more resemblance to Clinton’s style than to that of Laura Bush.

Well, at least the UR won't be the least experienced, least competent executive in the White House. Were they not blinded by ideology, these folks might notice that Mrs. Bush actually accomplished things in the fields of literacy, women's health, etc. by not trying to make herself seem a co-president.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 4, 2009 7:09 AM
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