February 15, 2009


Hugo Chavez And Anti-Semitism: To win votes, he's using Jews as a scapegoat. (Michael Rowan and Douglas E. Schoen, 02.15.09, Forbes)

[C]hávez and Iran speak with one voice about Jews. Chávez is a vehement supporter of Iran's nuclear ambitions and is a frequent visitor to Iran and Syria. He tends to link Israel, the U.S. and Jews in a conspiracy to rule the world through war and capitalism.

In an infamous Christmas Eve speech several years ago, Chávez said the Jews killed Christ and have been gobbling up wealth and causing poverty and injustice worldwide ever since. Chávez has declared war against the U.S.' "evil empire" and sees Israel in the same way Ahmadinejad, his partner, does.

Voters are strongly against Chávez's election-for-life referendum, and Venezuela suffers from the worst inflation and corruption rates in the hemisphere--as well as the highest murder rate in the world. But Chávez might still rig the election so it appears he won it; he has total control over who votes and how they vote through centrally controlled electronic voting machines.

There's evidence that he switched the yes and no votes on a recall referendum in 2004, that he changed a 5% victory to a landslide 28% so he could claim a mandate for his revolution in 2006, and that he planned to rig a 13% margin rejecting his president-for-life referendum but then settled for a 1% loss when General Raul Baduel and hundreds of thousands of students demanded a fair count in 2007.

The anti-Semitic campaign could provide cover for Chávez's electoral legerdemain. Always in search of an enemy to blame for his failure at dealing with poverty and corruption, Chávez has steadily vanquished opposition political parties, while Chávez's "devil"--former president George W. Bush--has exited the scene.

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Posted by Orrin Judd at February 15, 2009 9:21 AM
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