January 15, 2009


Going Dark (Joe Posnanski, 1/15/09)

I have some Hall of Fame wrap-up thoughts, but those are for another day. Except this: I noticed some brilliant readers were breaking down Bert Blyleven’s ERA by wins, losses and no-decisions. They ARE interesting. Here are the numbers.

Blyleven in wins: 1.60 ERA
Blyleven in losses: 5.40 ERA
Blyleven in no-decisions: 3.90 ERA.

You can take away a lot from that. Here’s what I take away from it: Bert Blyleven in his 155 no-decision — in his NO DECISIONS — had the same ERA that Jack Morris had over his entire career. I think every voter who votes Morris but not Blyleven should have that tattooed on his/her arm.

Here are some other breakdowns of interest:

Greg Maddux: 1.83 ERA in wins; 5.66 ERA in losses; 3.16 ERA in NDs.
Roger Clemens: 1.73 ER in wins; 5.80 ERA in losses; 3.74 ERA in NDs.
Nolan Ryan: 1.45 ERA in wins; 5.60 ERA in losses; 3.44 ERA in NDs.
Tom Seaver: 1.61 ERA in wins; 4.92 ERA in losses; 3.49 ERA in NDs.
Gaylord Perry: 1.54 ERA in wins; 5.26 ERA in losses; 3.71 ERA in NDs.
Don Sutton: 1.66 ERA in wins; 5.70 ERA in losses; 3.64 ERA in NDs.
Phil Niekro: 1.77 ERA in wins; 5.37 ERA in losses; 4.02 ERA in NDs.
JIm Palmer: 1.52 ERA in wins; 5.02 ERA in losses; 4.00 ERA in NDs.
Steve Carlton: 1.73 ERA in wins; 5.28 ERA in losses; 4.32 ERA in NDs.
Ferguson Jenkins: 185 ERA in wins; 5.27 ERA in losses; 4.57 ERA in NDs.
Catfish Hunter: 1.76 ERA in wins; 5.43 ERA in losses; 4.27 ERA in NDs.

Jack Morris: 2.29 ERA in wins; 6.18 ERA in losses; 4.74 ERA in NDs.

Interesting. I have some thoughts about it … we’ll pull them out upon our return. In the meantime, I pulled out Morris for obvious reasons, he simply does not fit with the group above him. He was a durable guy who took advantage of a team that scored a LOT of runs. To have a substantial percentage of Hall of Fame voters call Jack Morris “a winner” while offering NO Hall of Fame support for Lou Whitaker and little for Alan Trammell tells you a lot, I think, about the misreading of statistics and the power of myth.

...that Greg Maddux is the best pitcher since the Tom Seaver era.

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Posted by Orrin Judd at January 15, 2009 6:10 PM
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