November 3, 2008


McCain Wins Fans in India: India has thrived under Bush's pro-outsourcing policies, and many Indians hope for further prosperity with McCain (Mehul Srivastava , 11/03/08, Business Week)

[I]n the American-style shopping malls and 24/7 call centers of modern India, where McDonald's franchises sell paneer tikka wraps and American flags adorn the walls of outsourcing firms, the past eight years of a Republican Presidency have been fantastic. That approval of a Bush Presidency has overflowed into a wellspring of support for another Republican Presidency, making India one of those rare countries in the world where support for Obama's historic run has not resulted in a landslide of public opinion in his favor. Indeed, depending on which poll you look at, Indians either prefer McCain and Obama equally, or Obama by the smallest margin in the world.

India's enchantment with the U.S. has grown in direct proportion to their economic intertwining: The more business Indians do with Americans, the more they seem to fall in love with them. Indeed, as the world has grown disenchanted with America during the Bush Presidency, Indians have grown to become its biggest fans.

The Prospect Of An Odd Couple (Kevin Peraino, 11/01/08, NEWSWEEK)
Netanyahu, 59, is an unreconstructed hawk, raised in the cold war's shadow. Obama listened politely, but the gap was obvious. "Obama, clearly, is a product of a new age," says the Israeli.

The Jewish state, on the other hand, may be on the verge of slipping into an older one. Israel's doves are struggling. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni announced last week that she had failed to form a government; lawmakers set elections for February. The biggest benefactor is likely to be Netanyahu, who's now even with Livni in polls. The Likud leader seems the most American of Israeli politicians. His uncompromising rhetoric would probably mesh well with a McCain administration.

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