September 8, 2008


    -AUDIO INTERVIEW: Johnny Flynn: Stirring Up 'A Larum' (All Things Considered, August 23, 2008)

A 25-year-old singer-songwriter, Johnny Flynn makes music that seems to draw equally from William Shakespeare and Bob Dylan: He has the ear of a poet and the mind of a storyteller. But the precocious, prolific, South African-born Brit is humble, too: "I guess I started writing poetry and stuff, and then decided to set it to music," he says. Flynn has just made his American debut with A Larum.

Until recently, Flynn was acting in an all-male Shakespearean troupe called Propeller. He came with the group to New York last year for a run in Twelfth Night and Taming of the Shrew. Characters from Shakespeare's plays, such as Feste and Hamlet, have affected his songwriting. "There's always those kind of luminary figures that seem to speak the truth," he says. "The whole play seems to be around them in a way."

The name of Flynn's album even comes from Shakespeare's stage directions. He says that the word would appear every now and again as "alarum off," meaning that some commotion was happening just offstage. "I quite liked the idea that the noise happening offstage was this album," Flynn says.

The Dylan mixed with Shakespeare comparison is pretty obligatory here and there's a certain familiarity to the album even on first listening. But it's also a rather compulsive listenability. Heck, he even makes a single named for a soccer player, Wayne Rooney, sound good.

Given the down-and-out persona that Mr. Flynn adopts for his viewpoint in most of the songs, another comparison that comes to mind is Alan-a-Dale by way of Boxcar Willie. If you want to let it, you could be bothered by the fact that a middle class white British actor and former choirboy is singing about being a hobo. But if you once give "The Box" a try I bet you give it another:

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