September 15, 2008


The Fratellis are on a mission of Mersey (Jim Farber, 9/05/08, NY Daily News)

The Scottish group has made a name for itself on both sides of the Atlantic with a brand of antic pop that recalls the briskly melodic hits of Mersey Beat-era groups like Gerry and the Pacemakers, the Searchers and especially the Kinks. They'll bring that animated sound to a headlining show Friday at Roseland.

Fratelli says the heavy '60s strain in his band dates from his teen years. "When I was 16, I didn't have a CD player. I just had my dad's vinyl record collection. So I listened to all his '60s bands. When it comes to influences, I've never grown up."

The singer formed the band four years ago in his native Glasgow with two musicians he didn't know very well, which wound up figuring big in the band's presentation. "When you first meet somebody, you ask their first name, you don't ask their [last name]," he explains. "So we all went away without knowing each other's full names."

As a joke, they each took the same randomly devised last name of Fratelli, with Barry "Fratelli" on bass and Mince Fratelli" on drums. Sort of like the Ramones, except it wasn't the homage many thought. "It was sheer laziness," the singer says. "That's a running theme with this band."

The group's debut, 2007's "Costello Music," exuded a parallel lack of pretense. Its superfast songs had a herky-jerky feel that mirrored the life of its characters. It was one part theatrical Kinks, another part scrappy skiffle music. The song "Flathead" got picked up for an iPod ad, which sold the band in the States. For the new CD, "Here We Stand," the Fratellis butched up their formerly spindly sound, doing the producing themselves for the first time. "It's not rocket science," Fratelli says. "I had a good idea of what the album should sound like. We just wanted to capture the sound of the band we had gotten to be."

The Fratellis perform in The Current studio (Mary Lucia, September 11, 2008, Minnesota Public Radio)
The Fratellis are an indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. [...]

Songs performed: "Dog In A Bag", "A Heady Tale," and "Milk and Money".

...with a name swiped from The Goonies and a Vargas girl aesthetic.

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