September 22, 2008


Patriots had no answers for Miami's scheme (Mike Reiss, September 21, 2008, Boston Globe)

The Wildcat got 'em.

That's what Ricky Williams called the unconventional offensive package the Dolphins sprung on the Patriots during today's 38-13 beatdown at Gillette Stadium. The unique strategy had running back Ronnie Brown taking a direct snap while lined up in the shotgun as the quarterback, Williams coming left to right in motion as a receiver, and quarterback Chad Pennington at receiver.

Some might call it a gimmick, but gimmicks are usually one-time deals, trick plays used sparingly. In this case, the Dolphins went to the Wildcat six times, and clawed the Patriots' defense into submission with touchdown runs of 2, 5, and 62 yards, as well as Brown's 19-yard touchdown pass.

That's no gimmick. It's just domination.

The Colts exposed the Pats defense as old and slow two years ago in the AFC Championship game--especially at LB, but past the front 3 generally--but they've done nothing to address the problem. Indeed, Vrabel, Bruschi, and Harrison are all still starting. They were just appalling in the pre-season and it was evident that they'd make this a 10-6 or 11-5 team at best, and that only because of the easiest schedule ever for a Super Bowl team.

Strange that a dynasty built on the complete replaceability of NFL players isn't replacing the oldest and least effective ones.

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 22, 2008 8:17 AM
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