September 25, 2008


Wild White House meeting sets back deal (DAVID ROGERS, 9/25/08, Politico)

A high-profile White House meeting on Treasury’s $700 billion Wall Street rescue plan ended on a sour, contentious note Thursday after animated exchanges among lawmakers laced with presidential politics just weeks before the November elections.

“I can’t invent votes,” House Republican Leader John Boehner warned the administration about the lack of support in his conference for the massive government intervention. [...]

When Bush yielded early to Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D- Nev.) to speak, they yielded to Obama to speak for the assembled Democrats. And it was Obama who raised the subject of the conservative alternative and pressed Paulson on what he thought of the idea.

House Republicans felt trapped—squeezed by Treasury, House Democrats and a bipartisan coalition in the Senate. And while McCain spoke surprisingly little after asking for the meeting, he conceded that it appeared there not the votes for the core Paulson plan without major changes. [...]

Having called for the meeting, he will have to show if can deliver the votes of House Republicans, many of whom have been leery of him in the past. Mindful of this, the senator’s campaign issued a brief statement an hour after the breakup of the meeting.

“We're optimistic that Sen. McCain will bring House Republicans on board without driving other parties away, resulting in a successful deal for the American taxpayer.”

The reality is that if House Republicans would rather blow up the plan than win the Fall they may be able to, though it would officially be Nancy Pelosi administering the coup de grace. And if they won't pass a plan that the Republican president and nominee are asking them to then why should people vote for the Party? Mr. Boehner needs to fold gracefully or accept the blame for electing a President Obama with huge margins in Congress.

Here's the opportunity House Republicans seem hellbent on botching:
Zogby Poll: McCain Recovers as Contest Takes Dramatic Turns; McCain 46% - Obama 44% (Zogby, 9/25/08)

Republican John McCain's poll numbers improved slightly as he suspended his campaign Wednesday to head back to Washington to focus on the looming national financial crisis, moving from more than three points behind Barack Obama last weekend to two points ahead in a Zogby Interactive survey just out of the field this morning.

All because the think they have leverage:
House GOP: We have leverage on bailout (Jackie Kucinich, 09/25/08, The Hill)

House Republicans say they have significant leverage on the revamped bailout package, claiming that Democrats will scramble for votes unless they make changes to it.

Republicans in the lower chamber are balking at the bailout package, saying that Democrats will be solely responsible for the ramifications of what they see as a flawed compromise.

Which they do, in the same way Cleavon Little had it in Blazing Saddles.

Posted by Orrin Judd at September 25, 2008 8:51 PM
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