September 18, 2008

Bruno Behrend, co-founder of the Illinois Citizens Coalition, will be debating Ed Murnane, of the Illinois Civil Justice League, in front of the Mt. Prospect Chamber of Commerce on Sept. 18th, 2008. This debate will take place at the Mt. Prospect Village Hall at 50 S Emerson St., Mt Prospect, IL 60056 from 7:30 - 8:30 PM.

If you live in Mt. Prospect, (or know some one who does), this event will be broadcast on Channel 17 MPTV local access.

We hope many businessmen and women attend to ask Mr. Murnane why the Illinois business community is wasting this golden opportunity to re-empower businesses and individuals by improving the state's awful Constitution.

You may also want to attend just to ask him why the Illinois Civil Justice League is walking hand-in-hand with the Illinois Trail Lawyer's Association in working to keep Illinois bankrupt, over-lawyered, and opaque from citizen oversight.

If you can't attend, remember to tell 10 friends to vote "Yes" in November. And don't forget to visit Yes for Illinois for updates over the next 5 weeks. As always, we remind you that "Yes for Illinois" is a struggling PAC fighting the powerful and well-funded special interests. These interests are intent upon preventing citizens from re-gaining control over their state. With out your help, they WILL win. With your help, together we can fix Illinois.


Bruno Behrend
Co-Founder - Illinois Citizens Coalition / Yes for Illinois

* Tell 10 Friends to vote "Yes"
* Walk your precinct with 'Yes' literature
* Volunteer to call remind people to vote "Yes" on election day
* Read our book to become informed on all the details
* Consider running for delegate or finding (and funding) a good candidate in your district

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Posted by Orrin Judd at September 18, 2008 6:44 AM
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