August 3, 2008


Tony Blair memo damns ‘fatal’ Gordon Brown errors (Jonathan Oliver and Isabel Oakeshott, 8/03/08, Sunday Times of London)

Gordon Brown suffered a devastating new blow to his authority last night with the publication of a secret memo revealing Tony Blair’s true opinion of his performance.

The former prime minister made a scathing attack on his successor in a memo to a Labour colleague last autumn.

The secret document contains a catalogue of criticisms of Brown’s performance since taking office, accusing him of playing into David Cameron’s hands with a “lamentable confusion of tactics and strategy”.

Blair warns that the embattled prime minister may have made a “fatal mistake” by “dissing” the government’s own record to cash in on “anti-TB [Tony Blair] feeling” when he had “nothing to put in its place”.

We have dissed our own record: Astonishing secret memo in which Blair accuses Brown of ‘hubris and vacuity’ (Simon Walters, 03rd August 2008, Daily Mail)
The bombshell disclosure comes as it emerged that Mr Blair has had regular talks with his close friend and political ally, Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who challenged Mr Brown’s leadership last week.

The memo shows that Mr Blair backs many of Blairite Mr Miliband’s private views about Mr Brown’s failings.

And it blows the lid off public assertions that Mr Blair supports his successor, claiming Mr Brown has made ‘fatal’ blunders by disowning Mr Blair’s record; failing to produce new policies; distancing himself from the Iraq War; and leaving the political landscape ‘wide open’ for the Tories to take the lead.

The Mail on Sunday has also learned that Mr Brown may be forced to call off his plan to reshuffle the Cabinet in September, which carries his last hopes of reviving the Government.
David Milliband

Ally: Blair has had regular talks with his close friend Foreign Secretary David Miliband

Labour MPs who support Mr Miliband say that if Mr Brown’s political fortunes do not improve in the next few weeks, Cabinet Ministers, including Mr Miliband, could stage a mass revolt and refuse to accept new jobs.

'Gordon’s position may be so weak that Ministers say to him collectively that he is the one who will have to be moved, not them,’ said one MP ally of Mr Miliband.

David Cameron is the TB candidate.
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