August 31, 2008


So the Left appears to have settled on three rumors about Sarah Palin, but I have to confess I don't even understand how any of them are supposed to hurt her or help Obama:

(1) that the Palin's married eight months before the birth of their first child.

Okay, wouldn't the point be that they got married and had the kid?

(2) that Trig Palin isn't her child, but her daughter's.

Suppose that this were true, wouldn't people just find Ms Palin even more remarkable for not just having her daughter bring the child to term but then raising him herself? Contrast that to Barrack Obama's expressed wish to help kill such a "mistake".

(3) that Trig is Ms Palin's son but his Down Syndrome was caused by how hard she works.

There you go, that'll go over great with working women, huh?

Why not go after the one genuine scandal, that she wanted the psycho who threatened to kill family members and tasered her nephew fired frm the State Troopers?, Long-Standing Feud in Alaska Embroils Palin (James V. Grimaldi and Kimberly Kindy, 8/31/08, Washington Post)

The trouble between Wooten and the governor's sister broke into the open after an alleged incident in February 2005. Palin told an internal affairs investigator that she overheard on a speakerphone Wooten arguing with her sister and threatening to kill their father. Fearful for her family members' lives, Palin said she drove to her sister's house and watched the argument through a window.

"Wooten's words were, 'I will kill him. He'll eat a [expletive] lead bullet, I'll shoot him,' if our father got the attorney to help Molly," Palin said in an e-mail she wrote in August 2005 to the chief of the state police. "I heard this death threat, my 16-year-old son heard it (Track Palin), Molly heard it, as did their small children. Wooten spoke with his Trooper gun on his hip in an extremely intimidating fashion, leaving no doubt he is serious about taking someone's life who disagrees with him."

According to the e-mail, the alleged argument occurred after Palin's sister, who uses her previous married name of Molly McCann, questioned Wooten about her husband attending a trooper-sponsored event in January with another woman. There is no record of police charging Wooten for the alleged threat. Through his attorney, Wooten declined to comment for this article.

On the day that the governor's younger sister filed for divorce -- April 11, 2005 -- Palin's father, Chuck Heath, a retired teacher then in his late 60s, called state police to file a complaint about Wooten. He handed the phone to his daughter Molly, who told state police that her husband had threatened her father's life and had drunk beer while driving his police vehicle home. Later, she told police that Wooten had shot a "cow moose" without a license and Tasered his 10-year-old stepson.

A month later, Sarah Palin, then chairing the state oil and gas commission, was interviewed by a state police investigator about the argument. She told investigators that when she arrived at the house she could see Wooten "waving his arms." She said she thought, "He is gonna blow it." She said she left for a meeting without calling police.

On Aug. 10, 2005, Palin sent an angry, three-page e-mail to Col. Julia Grimes, head of the state police. "My concern is that the public's faith in the Troopers will continue to diminish as more residents express concerns regarding the apparent lack of action towards a Trooper whom is described by many as 'a ticking time bomb' and a 'loose cannon.' "

Palin noted, "Wooten is my brother-in-law, but this information is forwarded to you objectively," and asked Grimes to treat the information objectively.

Keeping Wooten on the police force, Palin wrote, "would lead a rational person to believe there is a problem inside the organization."

She characterized Wooten as a hard-drinking bully who held himself above the law and threatened her family.

The Palin Breakout (Hugh Hewitt, 8/31/08, Townhall)

Scan the lefty blogs and you will see furious, even unhinged, attacks on Governor Palin.

-Choice of Sarah Palin energizes California delegates: 'She's a hero for us,' says one, as they arrive in Minnesota for the Republican National Convention. (Dan Morain, 8/31/.08, Los Angeles Times)
[O]n Friday, [Mike Spence, head of the California Republican Assembly] was in the hotel banquet room with the Council on National Policy, the influential group of religious and other conservatives, when Palin's selection was announced. Like others there, he stood and applauded. "This energizes disaffected Republicans," Spence said. "This is exactly the message of change that was needed."

California's Republican Party long has been split into conservative and moderate factions. Moderates tended to embrace McCain. Conservatives were critical. Whether the state's most conservative Republicans would fall in line behind McCain had been in doubt. Not now, though, with Palin on his ticket.

Several delegates cited Palin's decision to have a baby, 4-month-old Trig, knowing he had Down syndrome.

"We have a lot of pro-life rhetoric," said delegate Tom Bordonaro, the San Luis Obispo County assessor. "She has been there and made the choice. She made the choice for life."

Delegate Miryam Mora, 26, will be voting for the first time in November, having gained citizenship a few months ago. Mora grew up in El Monte, the daughter of migrant farm and garment workers, and was the first in her family to graduate from college.

She is taking leave from her job to volunteer full-time for McCain. When McCain selected Palin, Mora became more certain that she had made the right choice in supporting the Republican ticket. "I'm so amazed by her story," she said, noting that Palin is a mother of five, was involved in the PTA and "took on her party" by running against Gov. Frank Murkowski.

Her decision to have Trig affected Mora too: "She was faced with a decision of having an abortion, and she decided she was going to be there for him. . . . It shows a lot about her character."

The Left is objecting to her choice of life where Obama would have opted for death.

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 31, 2008 8:28 AM
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