August 24, 2008


Joe Biden’s just a barrel of gaffes (Jonathan Chait,
February 04, 2007, LA Times)

DELAWARE Sen. Joe Biden has been telling people for months that he’s going to run for president, as if nobody could actually believe it. Even when he formally announced last week, I still didn’t believe it. In fact, I’m not quite sure what it would take to make me believe it. If I turned on the television and watched Biden formally accepting the nomination at the Democratic National Convention, I might believe it then. (On the other hand, I’d probably figure I was suffering some hallucinatory episode and check myself into a hospital.) [...]

Biden’s charming cluelessness was on display in a recent ABC news interview. The famously verbose senator was asked to state in 25 words or less why Democrats should nominate him. His response was 45 words. I suppose that, by Biden’s standards, coming in at just under twice his allotted length counts as a victory of sorts. Biden then explained why he could win: “If people learn my story, learn my record, I think I can compete. The question is, can I raise the money?” This is sort of like me saying that I think I can compete for a starting NFL quarterback job, but the question is, can I avoid injuries? It’s a question, but it’s certainly not the question. [...]

Biden looks as if he’s the product of a laboratory experiment designed to create the world’s worst presidential candidate. [...]

[T]o win the presidency, you actually have to be good at mass politics. Why is Biden not smart enough to recognize that?

...the real question is: why wasn't the Unicorn Rider smart enough to recognize what Joe Biden is?

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 24, 2008 1:33 PM
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