August 15, 2008


Folks, it looks like the MovableType comment system in combination with our host, just can't handle it. I'm adding an integrated, yet separately hosted, commenting system: Disqus. It adds several nice features: threaded comments, ability to reply to comments via email, and the ability for you to see all your comments in one place. Please give it a'll probably want to register with Disqus (can do as you comment) or you can post without registering.

I'm going to be off-line most of the weekend, so I'll check on things when I'm back. At that time, I'll also add a widget to the front page to show recent comments and try to make the blogging system work more smoothly for OJ. Feel free to comment below with reactions, suggestions, et al.

Posted by Stephen Judd at August 15, 2008 1:33 PM
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