May 10, 2008


Brown hits all-time low in shock new survey (Andrew Rawnsley and Jo Revill, 5/11/08, The Observer)

Based on internet responses from a 5,000-strong panel taken over the past five days, the survey shows that Brown's overall satisfaction rating has crashed to minus 55 per cent. Fewer than a quarter of voters now think he is the best person to be in Number 10. And 43 per cent choose Cameron as best Prime Minister against just 23 per cent for Brown.

The panel was also asked to say what sort of government they would prefer if forced to choose between a Brown-led government and a Cameron one. This is often a better predictor than party shares of the outcome of general elections. A Tory government is preferred to a Labour one by a margin of 50 to 32 per cent. There are more voters who think the Conservatives would do a better job of governing than there are voters who think they would do a worse job.

In every key leadership category, Brown is now seen less favourably than his rival. Cameron is seen as more caring, competent, decisive, effective, fair, forward-looking, in touch with normal people, intelligent, likeable and moderate. He is also rated as stronger, more reliable and more trustworthy.

More damage was done to Brown's leadership last night as John Prescott revealed in his memoirs that he had urged Tony Blair to sack his Chancellor, but that Blair was 'scared' of him. The former Deputy Prime Minister described Brown as 'annoying, bewildering and prickly'.

Brown is also fighting demands for Scottish independence, and last night said: 'I will do whatever is necessary to ensure the stability and maintenance of the Union.'

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 10, 2008 7:45 PM
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