May 13, 2008


Clinton Eyes a Big Victory That May Come Too Late (RUSSELL BERMAN, May 13, 2008, NY Sun)

In West Virginia today, Senator Clinton is poised for one of her most lopsided victories, but it comes at a time when the voice of Democratic primary voters arguably matters the least to her chances of overtaking Senator Obama.

A poll released yesterday showed the New York senator 36 points ahead of Mr. Obama in the Mountain State, an edge that would represent her widest margin of victory in any state but Arkansas, where she served as first lady for more than a decade.

Five things to watch in W. Va. (KENNETH P. VOGEL, 5/13/08, Politico)
So, how to know whether West Virginia is on its way to giving Clinton a narrative-changing win that will sway superdelegates, or at least prolong their decision-making process?

Here are five indicators that the pros will be watching:

She needs every bit of a 30+% win after stumbling last Tuesday.

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