April 25, 2008


Obama has a punctuation problem (John F. Harris and David Paul Kuhn, April 25, 2008, Politico)

Barack Obama’s real opponent now is not Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is a pair of punctuation marks.

The first is a question. The second is an asterisk. [...]

A loss [in Indiana]—on top of a succession of losses in Pennsylvania, Ohio and other big states—would mean the nominee would enter the general election defined to an unusual degree by his vulnerabilities.

Could he run strongly in these states in a general election even after running weakly during the nomination phase? That is the question.

It is strange for a party nominee to confront such a question. Obama faces it only because of the peculiar set of circumstances by which elected delegates and appointed superdelegates will likely give him the nomination. That is the asterisk.

Of course, the decline of Senator Obama traces directly to the point where he stopped being able to run as a question mark whose policies were an asterisk (TBA). Hillary began the process of filling in the blanks, the media has picked up the task, and the GOP is salivating at the opportunity to administer the coup de grace.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 25, 2008 8:46 AM
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