February 20, 2008


Lebanon: Where Do We Go From Here? (Huda al Husseini, 2/20/08, Asharq Alawsat)

[T]here is a problem in Lebanon, namely Hezbollah's arms. Those who are closely affiliated with Hezbollah question: If Hezbollah were to disarm, what would guarantee that figures from its leadership would not end up in Guantanamo, seeing as the party is on the top of the US most-wanted terrorist list?

Moreover, Hezbollah demands a large share of the Lebanese regime and feels that it constitutes- and is entitled to- one-third. It also views itself as the most powerful and believes that no party can help give it what it wants since each party believes that it has a smaller share than it deserves. The conflict today is one about the fate of Lebanon. [...]

The game is now known, Hezbollah's disarmament can never take place without clear and open discourses and concessions. In the case of a civil war, it would be impossible to disarm the party since weapons will become reinforced and Lebanon will witness an arms race that is even more frantic than the present one – and Hezbollah will turn their guns internally.

Lebanese politicians must return to the land of reality. When matters reach the boiling point, the US will send ships – to evacuate its citizens, no more. And whether we like it or not, those affiliated to Hezbollah and the pro-Syrian Lebanese represent half of the Lebanese population. Thus, it would be best to avoid any further deterioration and let the Lebanese leadership propose a system that can save the state.

Why should such an unnatural state be saved, nevermind, how could it be? When you enter the land of reality there are two Lebanons.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 20, 2008 6:51 AM
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