February 24, 2008


Sun Sets on Cold War Mentality (David Ignatius, 2/23/08, Real Clear Politics)

"When it comes to foreign policy, experience is a highly overrated asset." So says a former British foreign service officer named Jonathan Clarke, who has created a blog called theswoop.net that has dedicated itself to undermining Washington's fondness for conventional wisdom.

What my friend Clarke means is that the set of issues and strategies that shaped the Cold War generation has passed. He's a product of that generation himself, having served at the sharp end of the spear for the British government in various Cold War hot spots. But that era is over. The intellectual matrix formed by the Soviet threat, and before that by Hitler's rise in Germany, needs to be reworked. There is a new set of problems and personalities -- and if America keeps trotting out the same cast of characters and policy papers, we will fail to make sense of where the world is moving.

The only place you find Atlanticists anymore is in Academia and editorial board rooms. For 8 years this president has said that Russia is too insignificant to be a threat, Western Europe can join us in liberalizing Africa and the Islamic world or buzz off, and that the Axis of Good runs through places like India, Mongolia, the Philippines, etc.

Posted by Orrin Judd at February 24, 2008 7:02 AM
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