January 18, 2008


Can't get enough of Disney's 'Musical' a review of High School Musical: The Music in You (Sunday at 8 p.m.) (Diane Werts, 1/18/08, Newsday)

When two Texas high schools join forces to go for the gold, some kids cash in, and some get tin. Reality intrudes even as one girl gushes, "If I could, like, go into another universe, and, like, live in High School Musical, I would."

Spending a half-hour with these students as they soar and crash, find themselves and lose track again, doesn't seem nearly enough. Even in the hands of Academy Award-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple (Harlan County USA, American Dream), The Music in You feels like it's just starting to take off when it ends.

The kids have barely introduced themselves: Alexandria the dreamer, Brad the broody rock-and-roller, Lindsay the gifted diva, Curtis the cocky jock ("I bet my heart's shaped like a football"). We get only fleeting glimpses of them at their jobs, at their homes, on the football field or jamming with a band. And Kopple's camera has been intimate enough to make us yearn for more.

But the time we do get is rich indeed, and varied enough that any young viewer can find a piece of him- or herself here.

Posted by Orrin Judd at January 18, 2008 11:45 AM
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