January 13, 2008


Revealed: Detective Gene Hunt's new car for Life on Mars spin-off (Daily Mail, 13th January 2008)

It was one of the hottest cars of the Eighties. The Audi Quattro was like a Ford Capri with testosterone and it is about to star in the new spin-off to TV drama Life On Mars.

This is the first official picture of politically incorrect detective Gene Hunt's new car in Ashes To Ashes. [...]

His macho character is paired with sexy, intelligent female cop DCI Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes), a time traveller from the 21st Century.

Single mother Drake is kidnapped with her daughter in 2008 but, while attempting to escape, she has an accident and ends up in 1981 - the year of the Royal Wedding, the Brixton riots and leg-warmers.

She uses Cracker-style psychological profiling to catch crooks, making Gene suspicious. But he is drawn to her and doesn't know why.

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