December 7, 2007


Sliding Poll Numbers Force Giuliani To Retool His Campaign (NICHOLAS WAPSHOTT, December 7, 2007, NY Sun)

Once the undoubted Republican front-runner, the former New York mayor has lost momentum recently thanks to the rapid rise in the fortunes of a former Arkansas governor, Michael Huckabee. But Mr. Giuliani's personal issues have also worked to smother his appeal as the candidate with a solid record in government most likely to be able to beat Senator Clinton in a general election.

At the Republican YouTube debate on November 28, many Republicans were surprised at the venom with which Mr. Giuliani turned on his rival Mitt Romney, who until recently was the frontrunner in Iowa and New Hampshire, with the renewed accusation that the former Massachusetts governor had employed illegal immigrants to cut his lawn.

And the lingering suggestion that emerged earlier that day — that the cost of Mr. Giuliani's security detail while he was wooing his third wife, Judith Nathan, in the Hamptons was hidden in the accounts of obscure city agencies, coupled with the impending trial of his former police chief, Bernard Kerik, for fraud — has left some wondering how many more skeletons will emerge from his City Hall years. [...]

As a result of the flurry of bad news stories surrounding him, Mr. Giuliani has been taking a pounding in the polls. According to a national Republican poll average compiled by, he has fallen to 25% today from nearly 40% in September, with a 5% slide in the last week.

Although Mr. Giuliani has discounted the importance of early states Iowa and New Hampshire, his popularity there, too, is waning.

The Mayor's campaign, like some kind of psychological milk bath, was always based on just being the most popuar in the national polls, not winning anything.

Posted by Orrin Judd at December 7, 2007 11:19 AM
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