December 9, 2007


What values voters value most (Tony Perkins and Tom Minnery, December 9, 2007, Washington Times)

However, another goal of the straw poll was to resolve a key question: Which policy issues matter most to values voters? The dual answer wasn't controversial at all: the sanctity of human life and protection of the institution of marriage. These two issues towered above all others (terrorism and illegal immigration were not included in the poll because they are not the object of active policy development by our family-focused groups). Values voters who participated in our straw poll were strongly focused on life and marriage as the cornerstone of what makes and sustains families across the generations.

Measured against these vital issues, how did the candidates stack up? We heard inspiring words during some of the presentations at the Values Voter Summit. However, we encourage all values voters to examine not only the candidates' rhetoric but their records and to demand even greater clarity and understanding from them.

Indeed, we trust that the millions of Americans our sample represented will drill deeper and ask ever more probing questions of those running for office about the values issues at stake. This will help narrow the field. Consequently, the candidates must be prepared to say what they will do about such issues as abortion, human embryo experimentation, cloning, assisted suicide, civil union laws, same-sex "marriage," divorce, family tax relief, religious liberty, judicial nominations and many other values issues.

You don't hear much these days about how Rudy will make the GOP just as valueless as the Democrats, huh?

Posted by Orrin Judd at December 9, 2007 11:19 AM
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