December 17, 2007


Partition Lebanon? (Charles Jalkh, December 17, 2007,

Two states, a Hezbollah-Syrian-Iranian state, and Free Lebanon. A fundamentalist terrorist state, and a free, democratic, pluralistic, multi-ethnic, and perhaps one day secular state. At least each side will achieve their national aspirations. The scenario of a federated state will not work since it lacks all minimal and essential requirements of such union ; common global identity, common foreign policy, common economic policy, and common defense. We disagree on identity and foreign policy, and we already maintain separate economic infrastructures and separate defense forces. Our land and spirits are already sharply divided, so why not just acknowledge and formalize such reality without hypocrisy, regrets, or guilt.

A partition will bring us security, political stability, social harmony, and rapid economic progress. Partition will allow us to create a powerful military which will truly and ably defend our state against all dangers, rather than staying neutral for fear of divisions. We will be able to move forward in a clear direction. We will quickly achieve prosperity and enhance the living standards of our people with the recognition and help of the whole world. It is high time for the Lebanese politicians to abandon their hypocrisy, their posturing, and state the obvious honestly and clearly.

We need to partition the country and better do it peacefully than through conflict, since we will end up with the same demarcation lines anyway.

The Lebanon is founded on antodemocratic lines and Hezbollahstan will be able to hold real elections, whereas the rump state to its north will have to divvy up power artificially among interest groups.

Posted by Orrin Judd at December 17, 2007 3:44 PM
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