December 21, 2007


M's keeping mitts on Morrow: Pitcher 'highly, highly unlikely to leave,' Bavasi says (JOHN HICKEY, 12/22/07, Seattle P-I)

[General manager Bill] Bavasi said something Thursday at the news conference introducing Silva that may indicate Bedard is not coming West.

The Orioles have been asking for both outfielder Adam Jones and reliever-turned-starter Brandon Morrow in the deal.

"He (Morrow) is highly, highly unlikely to leave," Bavasi said. "I'm not saying he couldn't be traded, but it's unlikely."

Bavasi said Morrow, who has been starting in Venezuela after working out of the Mariners bullpen in 2007, is thought of so highly that the Mariners have a difficult time envisioning a future without him.

Supposedly they offered Morrow and Jones for Santana. If so, they are a better pair than the Buchholz/Ellsbury or Kennedy/Melky packages and Jones may be enough better than Melky to trump a Hughes/Melky package. Problem is, fans don't hear as much about Mariner prospects as Sox and Yankee.

Posted by Orrin Judd at December 21, 2007 6:54 AM
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