November 11, 2007


Counter 'revolution' brewing in Quebec (TED BYFIELD, 11/11/07, Calgary Sun)

A whole generation of young people seems to be discovering the "Quiet Revolution," conducted in the late 20th century by their elders, was in fact a fraud.

Its pretended aim was to preserve the language and culture of Quebec against the assimilating influence of the Anglo-American colossus that threatens it. What it was actually doing was instituting a secular socialist culture that had far more in common with, say, Sweden than anything in the history of Quebec, and would have been utterly abhorrent to the real Quebecois who founded and developed French Canada.

What would those strictly Catholic mothers and fathers of families with 12 or more children think if they could see their descendants wallowing in the highest abortion, divorce, single-parent and "shack-up" rate in the whole country?

Making it worse, this has been done under the guise of preserving French Canada's cultural past.

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 11, 2007 7:37 AM
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