November 19, 2007


In Silicon Valley, Indians are the most affluent (Rediff, November 19, 2007)

Indians in Santa Clara County, home of the Silicon Valley, have the highest median household income, own the most valuable homes, and are the best educated, according to a latest Census report.

The report which provides a snapshot of Santa Clara County, one of the only two counties in the country, shows that Indians have median income of $116,240 (about Rs 45 lakh), which is about 44 per cent above the county's median of about $81,000 (about 32 lakh), said the San Jose Mercury News.

The report profiled the four largest immigrant communities -- Indians, Mexicans, Chinese and Vietnamese. It found that although three-quarters of the Indian population was born abroad, they own the most valuable home of about median home price of $860,000 (about Rs 3.4 crore), compared with the county's price of $743,000 (about Rs 2.9 crore).

More than four in five Indian adults have at least a bachelors' degree and Indians are most likely to be white-collar professionals, with about 80 per cent engaged in management, professional and related occupations.

Posted by Orrin Judd at November 19, 2007 7:42 AM
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