October 30, 2007


Until proven innocent (Thomas Sowell, 10/11/07, Creators Syndicate)

Some of the most depressing e-mails received over the past year and a half have been those that asked why I was worrying myself about three rich white guys at Duke University.

Neither those three students accused of rape nor the District Attorney who accused them are the ultimate issue.

Such levels of corruption in the law itself would make the American standard of living impossible. A steady diet of the racial polarization that Nifong promoted would make it only a matter of time before we would see in America the kind of violence seen between Sunnis and Shiites in Baghdad. [...]

"Until Proven Innocent" is the title of a devastating new book by Stuart Taylor and K.C. Johnson about the rape charges against the Duke lacrosse players -- and about so many in the media and academia who treated them as guilty until they were proven innocent.

Even those of us who followed the case from the beginning will learn a lot more about what went on, both on the surface and behind the scenes, from this outstanding book.

More important, we will learn some chilling facts about how deep the moral dry rot goes in some of the fundamental institutions of this nation that we depend on, including its leading universities and its leading media.

I recently read the book and it is terrific. It is not only a genuine pageturner but also a probing dissection of the rush-to-judgment mentality from the early days of the case, and it asks questions that challenge conventional thinking of both left and right alike. Also, if you know someone who enjoys watching the press and academia get righteously roasted for their misdeeds, this book would make an awesome Christmas present.

Posted by Matt Murphy at October 30, 2007 4:18 PM
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