October 22, 2007


Free Songs: Vampire Weekend (Sean Moeller , 22 October 2007, Daytrotter)

The band of four came to Rock Island at the very end of that experience, playing one final show in Chicago and then backtracking to us for a session and a show in our small pizza parlour (Huckleberry’s for those who are sticklers for all of the details) and then red-eyed it back to New York to catch flights two days later. The session was spectacular – all of the evidence in that is following. The show, played before about 50 people who’d never heard one word about the band prior to the night, was much more than that. It was full of so much intangible magic that it felt absolutely impossible. The guys were all smiles as they broke into it. They were all smiles during and huge, gaping smiles after an encore was demanded and they wound up bagging a second taco pizza from the management while they were signing the T-shirts of youngsters and the elderly. It was a dance party that they even recounted for NME a few weeks back. Something as truly memorable as this night doesn’t come along very often. Thank heaven for blue moons.

Posted by Orrin Judd at October 22, 2007 12:01 AM
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