October 9, 2007


Iran with the Bomb, or Bomb Iran: The Need for Regime Change
(Michael A. Ledeen, October 9th, 2007, Britannica Blog)

Given the bloody history of the last century, any prudent leader must assume that the Iranians will use their weapons of mass destruction once they are perfected, which is why French President Sarkozy and Foreign Minister Kouchner have both said that the West must prepare itself to choose between “Iran with the bomb” and “bombing Iran.”

And yet there is a third option, one which Kouchner has long embraced: support for democratic forces against the tyrannical regime. Everything we know about Iran documents widespread hatred for the regime, and a willingness to fight to change it. No one in the West has yet supported Iranian democratic organizations, which range from teachers and students to workers and even senior Ayatollahs. It is reminiscent of the Cold War, when most pundits and intellectuals believed it impossible to bring down the Soviet Empire by political means. Yet it was accomplished, with a fraction of the popular support for revolution than that in Iran today.

I have therefore advocated open calls for regime change in Iran, combined with aggressive support for those Iranians who wish to be free. This campaign would range from radio broadcasts (especially conversations with participants in successful non-violent revolutions in other countries), to working with trade unions to build a strike fund for Iranian workers, to providing communications tools (cell phones, satellite phones, phone cards, servers, laptops and anti-blocking software) to the dissidents.

Britannica Blog is hosting a weeklong forum on whether to bomb Iran.

Posted by Orrin Judd at October 9, 2007 8:19 AM
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