October 18, 2007


Rudy in Iowa: Is he or isn't he? (Jonathan Martin, Oct 18, 2007, Politico)

Giuliani’s entire strategy, as made plain by candidate and campaign alike, is based on performing well in the large states that will hold their primaries after the traditional early contests.

Indeed, the tear-sheet next to the main entrance of the former New York mayor’s Manhattan campaign headquarters counts down the days to Feb. 5, the day of “Tsunami Tuesday,” not Jan. 3, the day Iowa Republicans decreed this week as their caucus date.

The attention lavished on the later, larger states is underscored by Giuliani’s travel calendar. He touched down in this Mississippi River town Wednesday as part of a three-stop swing. But that was his first real campaign visit to Iowa in over two months and it came after a two-week period in which he had visited every other state holding a January contest (some more than once).

“Iowans expect to see their governor and their presidential candidates up close and personal,” said former Republican Gov. Terry Branstad. Having visited each of the state’s 99 counties every one of the 16 years he served as governor, he would know.

Asked about how many more visits Giuliani would make in the 78 days before the caucuses, a senior campaign aide said it would be “more than in the last six weeks but perhaps still fewer than other candidates.”

The notion that you can lose IA, NH and SC and remain a viable candidate is at least ahistorical, if not lunatic.

Posted by Orrin Judd at October 18, 2007 11:44 AM
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