October 18, 2007


The vital statistics of Asterix: Albert Uderzo has been charming children for almost 50 years with his comic book creation, Asterix the Gaul. Despite the death of its co-creator 30 years ago, the character still dominates his life (Mario Cacciottolo, 10/18/07, BBC Magazine)

The cartoon books of the Gaulish hero and his friends, who live in a village surrounded by invading Romans kept out thanks to a magic potion which gives tremendous strength, have been massively popular since first appearing in 1959.

Inside the Uderzo residence, in the exclusive Neuilly-sur-Seine district of Paris, the artist enters his studio slowly, with the use of a single crutch - his right knee has suddenly swollen up and he had to visit hospital earlier that day.

Although obviously in some discomfort, he refuses to make a fuss.

His office/studio is exactly how one hopes it would be - bright and sunny, stuffed full of figures of Asterix, his friend Obelix and their friends and foes, with models of miniature Gaulish villages, artistic materials and the walls smothered with original artwork.

There are also two desks, to which Mr Uderzo points in turn. "That one is where I work, that one is where I do my taxes."

Asterix, the village of Gauls with their chieftain Vitalstatistix and the "crazy" Romans surrounding them, were created by Mr Uderzo. Since the death of his writing partner, Rene Goscinny, 30 years ago next month, he has taken on the words as well.

Mr Uderzo's office is filled with working materials and memorabilia
Some 325 million copies of the 33 Asterix albums have been sold, with translations into languages as diverse as Urdu, Arabic and even Latin.

Anyone know why the movies haven't been released here? They're big budget flicks with Gerard Depardieu, who's got at least some star power.

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