September 4, 2007


David Cameron 'is trashing Thatcher legacy' (Andrew Pierce, 04/09/2007, Daily Telegraph)

A Tory grandee will unveil an alternative manifesto today to recapture the "soul" of the Conservative Party in a move that threatens to undermine David Cameron's leadership.

Michael Ancram, a former deputy leader of the party, calls for a return to the core values that won four successive elections by championing lower taxes, floating the prospect of withdrawal from the European Union, and for the party leadership to stop "trashing" its Thatcherite past.

In a policy document, Still A Conservative, Mr Ancram applauds Mr Cameron's support for marriage through the tax system but ridicules the policy of treating same-sex partnerships in a similar way, which "insults the intelligence of the British people".

The Europhile Right has been a plague on the party for decades.

Gordon Brown 'admires' Margaret Thatcher (Natalie Paris, 04/09/2007, Daily Telegraph)

Gordon Brown has paid a surprisingly generous tribute to Margaret Thatcher saying he "admires" the ex-Tory leader, who is a "conviction politician" like himself.

Brown delivered sincere words of praise for the Iron Lady at a monthly press conference at Downing Street this morning.

"I think Lady Thatcher saw the need for change," he said.

"And I think whatever disagreements you have with her about certain policies - there was a large amount of unemployment at the time which perhaps could have been dealt with - we have got to understand that she saw the need for change.

"I also admire the fact that she is a conviction politician ... I am a conviction politician like her."

It begins to resemble the way Al Gore allowed W to run as the natural heir to Clintonism.

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