August 22, 2007


Trusted Guides: Texas Baptists want to help immigrants become citizens (Ken Walker, 8/22/2007, Christianity Today)

As immigration-reform efforts in Washington, D.C., have crumbled, Texas Baptists announced in June a new plan to help legal immigrants become citizens.
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The Immigration Service and Aid Center (ISAAC) is the first initiative to help churches across the country that want to host government-accredited assistance programs, according to organizers with the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) and Buckner International Ministries. [...]

Conservative leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention have long been at odds with the BGCT. But Richard Land, president of the sbc's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, applauds the ISAAC initiative to help churches.

"This sounds as if what they're doing is providing guidance, counseling, and resources to enable people to make their way through the maze of the immigration process, which is pretty difficult," Land said. "It's a patchwork of conflicting regulations and statutes."

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