August 13, 2007


Free Songs: Dappled Cities (Sean Moeller, 8/13/07, Daytrotter)

I’d listened to the Dappled Cities album enough to know that it would be terrific to have them by, but I knew nothing else about them. I was aware that they were accented and just assumed those were English accents so I told Pat that they were blokes from the old country, when he sought some preliminary info on them. When they arrived, naturally, he greeted them with a quip like, “So you guys are from England, right?” and they replied, bewildered, “Is that a joke?” Priceless. The band stopped in while they were out on the road with our old friends Tokyo Police Club – a tour that we’re sorry we missed seeing – and they were immaculate. It was one of the rare sessions that hit us 10 times harder than we thought it would. They made jaws crack against the floor and still have us reeling nearly a month later. It’s a great feeling. The feeling was mutual because we received reports, days afterwards from various members of their camp that they were sporting our tee-shirts for television appearances and meet-and-greets in the Filter magazine offices. If we had one of their shirts, we’d be doing likewise.

Posted by Orrin Judd at August 13, 2007 12:00 AM
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