July 17, 2007


Miranda Lambert succeeds on talent, grit (Mario Tarradell, 5/07/07, The Dallas Morning News)

Sitting on the redwood deck of Miranda Lambert’s cottage conjures images of Norman Rockwell’s wholesome Americana paintings. Picture 24 acres of tranquil, nature-kissed greenery, a couple of friendly Labradors, a lake and two houses side by side.

Now throw in some dark, American Gothic undertone. All is not as it seems.

That could be Lambert’s motto. One quick look and she appears to be the fresh-faced example of Texas upbringing. The pretty and petite blonde is personable, genuine and hospitable. She fits right in with the rural lifestyle and yet carries herself beautifully in a more urban setting.

Dig a little deeper, and you may be surprised by what you uncover. The 23-year-old Lambert writes and sings country songs with a rock edge. Onstage, she’s a tough, no-nonsense firecracker. The daughter of semiretired private investigators who followed philandering spouses for a living, she knows her way around firearms. She’s got a license to carry a pistol. In her songs, she defends herself with gunpowder and lead.

In fact, “Gunpowder & Lead” is the lead track from her bold second CD, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” which arrived in stores Tuesday.

Someone who understands the music business will have to explain how Gunpowder & Lead isn't a breakout tune for a singer who looks like Hayden Panettiere, does Country like Hank, and sings songs that Robert Johnson might cover.

NB: Serendipitously, it's the NPR Song of the Day on Wednesday, so you can listen to it there.

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