May 14, 2007


Be like Ike: Show love to yourself (Jerry Larege, 5/14/07, Seattle Times)

Isaac Hayes used to comb his grandfather's hair.

He was a little kid and it was his way of showing his love, he told me last week.

The singer, songwriter and actor spoke at the Northwest Kidney Centers' annual Breakfast of Hope fundraiser last week.

Both his father and his grandfather died of complications of kidney disease, so he lends time to the fight against the disease.

His grandfather only had a little hair on the sides. Hayes' own head is famous for being devoid of hair.

No one had trouble spotting him in the crowd with his bald head, full beard, sunglasses and a maroon West African shirt-and-pants outfit.

Hayes said the deaths of his father and grandfather made him aware of kidney disease. He cleaned up his own diet and did what he needed to avoid their fate.

He figures other folks, hearing about his family, might be encouraged to do as he did.

And hearing a health message in that voice helps.

Heck, a voice like that got the first Isaac bound.

Posted by Orrin Judd at May 14, 2007 6:52 AM
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