April 10, 2007


Born again ... and born to win with God on his side (CLAIRE SMITH, 4/10/07, scotsman.com)

BEFORE the start of the competition he was ranked 56th in the world, had never won a Major and was given odds of 200-1.

However, Zach Johnson, the 31-year-old golfer from Iowa who blasted his way to a resounding victory at the US Masters at Augusta on Easter Sunday, was convinced God was on his side.

Not only did the little-known Johnson beat strong favourite and world No 1 Tiger Woods into second place, he was also the first Masters winner since 1991 not to come out of the final group.

So, as Woods was heard to ask his caddie as his ball landed in a bunker on the 17th: "What the hell happened?"

Johnson, whose world ranking shot up to 15th after winning the tournament, told sports commentators: "This being Easter, Jesus was with me every step. I felt him. It was awesome.

"Today was a day of perseverance and patience, I guess. I just feel very blessed and very honoured."

Johnson's religious conviction reflects a strong evangelical undercurrent in the world of top-flight US golf.

We're like another species to them.

Posted by Orrin Judd at April 10, 2007 7:22 AM
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